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Peer-Reviewed Paper
Exploiting Epigenetics to Systematically Optimise Culture Conditions for Cellular Therapies
2021   |   Joachim Luginbühl, Rodrigo Santos
Application Note
Defining Cell Culture Conditions to Drive Cell Identity and Scalability in Cell Therapy
2021   |   Aida Moreno-Moral, David Anderson
White Paper
Realizing Retinal Regeneration: How can data-driven in vivo reprogramming be used to treat retinal and optic nerve degeneration?
2020   |   Evdokia Paza, Alice Lightowlers, Tim Landy, Geraint Parfitt
Application Note
Accelerating Regenerative Medicine Approaches to Type 1 Diabetes Through Direct Cell Reprogramming
2020   |   Lawrence Billing
ISMB 2020 | Mogrify: A computational framework to convert between cell types
2020   |   Kalaivani Raju
Application Note
Using big data approaches to develop cell therapies
2020   |   Owen Rackham
Application Note
Computational Tools for Accelerating Regenerative Medicine
2020   |   Aida Moreno-Moral
Application Note
Biology 3.0: The Single-Cell (R)evolution
2019   |   Vicki Moignard
A new technology for direct cell reprogramming
2019   |   Julian Gough
Cell Therapy - Falling short of its potential?
2019   |   Pierre-Louis Joffrin
Cell Conversion Shortcuts Mapped with Predictive System
2016   |   Julian Gough