Transforming the lives of patients with degenerative diseases through a novel class of in vivo reprogramming therapies.



Mogrify’s mission is to transform the lives of patients through the development of a novel class of in vivo reprogramming therapies, initially addressing indications in ophthalmology, otology and metabolic and other areas of degenerative disease. Using its proprietary suite of platform technologies to systematically identify the key transcriptomic and epigenetic switches required to drive direct cellular reprogramming, the Company is able to generate the functional cell types (in vivo or ex vivo) required to address diseases with a high unmet clinical need. MOGRIFY® is a direct cellular reprogramming platform, which leverages transcriptomic data to identify optimal combinations of transcription factors for the conversion, via enhanced forward reprogramming or transdifferentiation, of any cell type into any other cell type. epiMOGRIFY® is a cell identity platform, which leverages epigenetic data to identify optimal combinations of transcription factors or growth factors required to maintain cell identity and epigenetically support the reprogramming of cells in chemically defined media.





RIKEN scientists launch an international consortium to provide insight into the regulatory landscape of the transcriptome across as many cell states as possible.



Collaboration with Jose Polo to test cell conversions begins and three conversions are validated in just several months.



MOGRIFY® V1 platform and cell conversions results published in Nature Genetics journal featuring on the front page.



$3.7M seed capital raised, Dr. Darrin M. Disley, OBE appointed as CEO, and Dr. Jane Osbourn, OBE appointed as Chair, hired 40 scientists and raised an additional $16 million in the initial close of Series A funding.



epiMOGRIFY® cell identity platform and validation published in Cell Systems journal.



Julian Gough and Owen Rackham begin the V1 platform development using the unpublished FANTOM 5 consortium data.



Julian Gough, Owen Rackham, Jose Polo file a patent application for the V1 platform and over 30 direct cell conversions.



Mogrify is incorporated in February 2016 by the three academic Co-founders: J. Gough, O. Rackham & J. Polo with pre-seed and grant funding to begin the industrial development and application of the V1 platform.



First milestone & royalty-bearing deals executed. Appointed Dr. Lorenz Mayr, Prof. Graziella Pellegrini and Prof. Christine Mummery to the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).



Second close of $17 million brings total raised in Series A to $33 million supporting the advancement in vivo reprogramming programs toward IND-enabling studies. Exclusive licensing of the epiMOGRIFY® cell identity platform. Tom Graney appointed to non-executive board.



Mogrify has developed a proprietary suite of platform technologies that utilize a systematic big-data approach to direct cellular reprogramming (Rackham et al., Nature Genetics, 2016) and the maintenance of cell identity (Kamaraj et al., Cell Systems 2020). The platforms, developed over a 12-year period via a multi-national research collaboration, deploy next-generation sequencing, gene regulatory and epigenetic network data to enable the prediction of the transcription factors and culture medium conditions required to produce any target cell type from any source cell type. Mogrify is applying this approach to generate the functional cell types required to transform the lives of patients, by delivering a novel class of in vivo reprogramming therapies across ophthalmology, otology, metabolic and other areas of degenerative disease.



Mogrify is looking to partner with disruptive innovators in the fields of regenerative medicine, in vivo reprogramming and ex vivo cell therapy to develop treatments for indications of high unmet clinical need. We are particularly interested in speaking with those with interest in ophthalmology, otology and metabolic, as well as other areas of degenerative disease where these modalities may be of interest. Mogrify is commercializing its technology via a combination of in vivo reprogramming therapy development, co-development partnerships, as well as the exploitation of the platform in other therapeutic and non-therapeutic applications.



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Parkwalk Advisors

Parkwalk has been the UK’s most active investor in world-changing technologies emerging from the UK’s leading universities and research institutions over the past five years. It currently has £300 million of assets under management, and has invested in over 120 companies across its flagship Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund as well as the award-winning enterprise and innovation funds Parkwalk manages for the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol. Parkwalk offers investors and partners access to a unique and diverse deal pipeline. Investing from pre-seed through to later stage, these knowledge-intensive technologies are well tested and IP-protected, sitting at the cutting edge of innovation and creating solutions to real-world challenges.

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24Haymarket is a private capital investment firm focused on investing in high growth UK companies. 24Haymarket’s Investor Network includes several highly experienced private equity and venture capital investors, seasoned entrepreneurs and senior operators. We invest our own capital in direct alignment with entrepreneurs and typically seek Board representation to actively support their growth agenda. Since inception in 2011, 24Haymarket has invested over £80 million in more than 50 high-growth businesses.


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University of Bristol

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Darrin is a renowned scientist, entrepreneur, angel investor and enterprise champion who has started, grown, or invested in over 40 start-up life science, technology and social enterprises, raising $600 million USD in business financing and closing $700 million USD in commercial deals. He was CEO of Horizon Discovery Group plc for 11 years, during which he led the Company from start-up through a $113 million USD IPO, and rapid scale-up powered by multiple acquisitions of US peer companies to become a global market leader in gene editing and gene modulation technologies. He was awarded a lifetime Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion in 2016 for his work in promoting enterprise across the UK and appointed OBE in 2018 for his services to business and enterprise in the healthcare sector.


Jonathan, Founder of Abcam plc, is an experienced entrepreneur and investor and is passionate about supporting UK life science and high-tech start-ups. He has provided considerable investment and support to over 60 companies and has assisted three technology companies to IPO on the London AIM Stock exchange.

Jonathan gained his doctorate in Molecular Genetics at Leicester University after graduating in Applied Biology at Bath. From 1992–95, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Bath, following which he worked at the University of Cambridge in the lab of Professor Tony Kouzarides studying cancer. He identified the market opportunity for supplying high-quality antibodies to support protein interaction studies, and in 1998, founded Abcam with David Cleevely and Professor Tony Kouzarides.

Jonathan is Chairman of Axol Bioscience Ltd and Camallergy Ltd and non-executive director of PhoreMost Ltd, Syndicate Room Ltd and HealX Ltd.



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