21st March 2019

Mogrify wins Business Weekly award for ‘Disruptive Technology’

Direct cellular conversion technology recognized at prestigious business awards

Cambridge, UK, 21st March 2019: Cell Mogrify Ltd (Mogrify®), a UK company aiming to transform the future development of cell therapies, has won the ‘Disruptive Technology’ category at the Business Weekly Awards, in recognition of its novel bioinformatic platform, which is built upon a decade of world-class multidisciplinary science.

Mogrify’s proprietary direct cellular conversion technology takes a systematic big-data approach (Rackham et al., Nature Genetics, 2016) to identify the factors needed to drive the conversion of one mature human cell type into any other without going through a pluripotent stem cell- or progenitor cellstate. Mogrify’s approach is faster and more accessible than iPSC-based protocols as it doesn’t require a license to use Yamanaka factors to induce pluripotency, it eliminates the need for a two-step approach involving reprograming and differentiation to allow for one-step transdifferentiation, and it produces mature cells rather than converting stems cells to progenitor cells via methods that mimic natural development, which can be slow and time-consuming. The Company is applying its patented technology to generate IP and accelerate the development and manufacture of regenerative cell therapies across every therapeutic area.

Professor Julian Gough, PhD, Co-founder and CSO, Mogrify, said:This award is testament to the dedication of Mogrify’s multidisciplinary team who have invested their time and expertise in bioinformatics, cell reprograming and machine learning to deliver a direct cellular conversion platform, powered by nextgeneration sequencing and gene-regulatory data. Mogrify’s mission is to transform the future of cell therapy and it is an honor to have our disruptive technology recognized at the Business Weekly Awards.

Business Weekly’s ‘Disruptive Technology’ Award is presented to the company in any sector whose science or technology is deemed to be genuinely game-changing. The award was presented to Mogrify at the annual dinner held at Queens’ College, Cambridge on Wednesday, 20 March 2019.

Notes to Editors

Prof. Julian Gough

Co-founder and CSO Mogrify

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About Mogrify

Mogrify has developed a proprietary direct cellular conversion technology, which makes it possible to transform (transmogrify) any mature human cell type into any other without going through a pluripotent stem cell- or progenitor cell-state.

The platform takes a systematic big-data approach to identify, from next-generation sequencing and
gene-regulatory networks, the transcription factors (in vitro) or small molecules (in vivo), needed to convert a cell. By bypassing the stem cell-stage of cell transformation, Mogrify simultaneously addresses challenges associated with efficacy, safety and scalability.

Mogrify is applying its patented technology to generate IP and cell types that will power the development and manufacture of new cell therapies across every therapeutic area.

Uniquely positioned to address a cell therapy market estimated to be $35 billion USD by 2023, Mogrify is commercializing its technology via IP licensing, product development, and drug development. Based in Cambridge, UK, the Company has raised $3.7 million USD seed funding from Ahren Innovation Capital, 24Haymarket and Dr Darrin M Disley, OBE.
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