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The UK Bioscience Forum will return in October 2020 as a two day virtual event, with the theme emerging data technologies.

Recent years have seen an explosion of emerging data technologies in the biotech sector. Many of these address long-standing challenges in the industry, offering the potential to reduce the time and cost of drug discovery, and to target beyond what was previously possible. But new opportunities bring new challenges. Ethical harnessing of data, access to and governance of data, skills and interoperability all provide significant hurdles.

Life science companies, keen to tap into computational power and access the potential of vast datasets, will need different capabilities to take the potential forward.  Equally, technology-based organizations need to get to grips with the world of biotech in order to understand where they can add the most value.

Mogrify® has developed a proprietary direct cellular conversion technology that utilizes a systematic big-data approach (Rackham et al., Nature Genetics, 2016). By deploying next-generation sequencing, gene regulatory and epigenetic network data, the platform enables the prediction of the transcription factors (or small molecules) and culture medium conditions required to produce (ex vivo or in vivo) any target cell type from any source cell type.