Transforming Personalized Medicine into Off-the-Shelf Cell Therapies

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The growth in commercially available and clinically viable advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs) has highlighted new challenges for the industry. Despite the promising efficacy of gene and cell therapies, the personalized nature and ad-hoc manufacturing processes associated with approved therapies have led them to be high in cost, maintenance, and variability, resulting in limited accessibility and impact in a clinical setting.

Learn how to overcome these challenges with innovative data-driven technologies and enable these therapies to reach their undoubted potential. This webinar will address the challenges and discuss possible data-driven solutions in the transition from personalized medicine to off-the-shelf cell therapy products.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to evaluate cell and gene therapies within the regulatory framework
  • The challenges encountered by commercialized cell and gene therapies
  • How large-scale data and bioinformatics can improve scalability and accessibility in ATMP manufacturing.

Mogrify®  has developed a proprietary direct cellular conversion technology, which makes it possible to transform (transmogrify) any mature human cell type into any other without going through a pluripotent stem cell- or progenitor cell-state.

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