Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit

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Given their unique biology and established role in cancer immunosurveillance, γδT cells are gaining increased attention amongst translational researchers and commercial partners.

The digital Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit is the only industry dedicated forum focused on furthering the understanding of γδT cells, driving clinical proof of concept, and scaling up manufacturing to deliver off-the-shelf gamma delta T therapies for ontological indications. Join key stakeholders from across pharma, biotech, and academia to discuss the precise mechanisms of γδT cells, examine donor selection for allogeneic therapies, and deliberating the targeting of solid tumors.

Mogrify® is on a mission to transform the development of lifesaving cell therapies. Using its proprietary direct cellular conversion technology, Mogrify is able to engineer an evergreen and scalable source of cell types that exhibit efficacy and safety profiles necessary to address diseases with a high unmet clinical need.

Connect with our Corporate Development Executive, Pierre Louis Joffrin and Prinicpal Scientist, Raul Elgueta to discuss Mogrify’s applications to cellular immunotherapy.

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