BPS & SMR Joint Meeting: Current Trends in Drug Discovery

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The British Pharmacology Society and the Society for Medicines Research are pleased to announce their 2021 joint meeting, specifically targeted towards all early-career researchers and scientists from across the World with an interest in drug discovery.

This two half-day program will bring together presentations from both internationally recognized speakers and from early-career scientists giving them an opportunity to discuss their research through either oral or poster presentations.

Mogrify CEO, Dr. Darrin Disley will be giving a keynote presentation at the event.

Mogrify® has developed a proprietary suite of platform technologies that utilize a systematic big-data approach to direct cellular conversion (Rackham et al., Nature Genetics, 2016) and the maintenance of cell identity (Kamaraj et al., Cell Systems 2020). The platforms can be used to enhance existing stem-cell forward reprogramming methods or can bypass development pathways altogether, affecting a direct transdifferentiation between a mature cell type to another mature cell type.

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