CAR-TCR Digital Summit Europe

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The CAR-TCR Digital Summit Europe is the definitive platform for the European community to advance novel cell constructs, breach the solid tumor microenvironment, and deliver affordable CAR and TCR technologies to patients in need.

Providing you with the most comprehensive agenda with exclusive insights from the innovators breaking the ceiling in T-cell engineering, manufacturing, safety management & patient accessibility.

Join forces with the CAR-TCR community to drive innovation. Through collaboration and frank conversation, advance construct design to drive efficacy in solid tumors, characterize the optimal product and enhance persistence and durability in hematological and solid tumor indications.


Mogrify® is applying its proprietary platforms to engineer a renewable and scalable source of cell types that exhibit efficacy and safety profiles necessary to transform the development of ex vivo cell therapies and pioneer a new class of in vivo reprogramming therapies for indications of high unmet clinical need in hematological, immunological, ophthalmological and other disease areas. Learn more about our science.

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