BIA Life Science Leadership Summit 2020

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BIA is launching a new event for 2020 that builds on our strengths of great thought leadership, support for growing innovative life science companies, and superb peer-to-peer networking and influence. The event brings together BIA member CEOs for 2 days of networking and informed debate in a relaxed and inspiring gathering – connecting our core audience of innovative life science SMEs with the information and contacts they need to build successful businesses in the UK and beyond.

Mogrify® has developed a proprietary direct cellular conversion technology, which makes it possible to transform (transmogrify) any mature human cell type into any other without going through a pluripotent stem cell- or progenitor cell-state.

Join the “Deals with Big Pharma” panel session on 22 June at 2 pm featuring our Chief Business Officer Karin Schmitt amongst industry leaders from GSK, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Novartis and Sitryx Therapeutics.

Find the detailed agenda below. 

BIA Life Science Leadership Summit 2020 Program

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