ASGCT 24th Annual Meeting

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The American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy will hold its 24th Annual Meeting virtually May 11-14, 2021. Join ASGCT for the field’s premier event, and take in the cutting edge science with leaders from academia, medicine, industry, advocacy, and more.

We are exhibiting at the ASGCT Annual Meeting 2021. Find us at our virtual booth!

Mogrify® has developed a proprietary suite of platforms that utilize a systematic big-data approach to direct cellular conversion (Rackham et al., Nature Genetics, 2016) and the maintenance of cell identity (Kamaraj et al., Cell Systems 2020). The platforms deploy next-generation sequencing, gene regulatory and epigenetic network data to enable the prediction of the transcription factors and culture medium conditions required to produce any target cell type from any source cell type.

Meet with us or learn more about our science.

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