2nd Cell & Gene Therapy Bioprocessing Online Conference

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Over the last decade, the field of cell therapy has rapidly grown, and it holds enormous promise for treating many diseases. In 2017, the conference assessed the specific risks and benefits of the cell culture and cell therapy bio-manufacturing for the cure of these diseases.

There are still factors like manufacturing maze, investment, logistics and regulatory challenges that prevent the cell and gene therapies to be widely used. Once again, MarketsandMarkets is putting together a unique platform to provide the exact solutions to these robust manufacturing and bioprocessing challenges, at the 2nd Annual MarketsandMarkets Cell & Gene Therapy Bioprocessing Online Conference. Learn from the leading experts of the industry about strategies, technologies, and innovations in the area of bioprocessing of cell-gene therapies.

Mogrify® has developed a proprietary direct cellular conversion technology, which makes it possible to transform (transmogrify) any mature human cell type into any other without going through a pluripotent stem cell- or progenitor cell-state.

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