​​3rd Annual Cell & Gene Therapy Innovation Leaders Summit 2020 Visualising The Future

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The Annual Cell and Gene Therapy Innovation Summit is the only executive gathering committed to creating an advanced networking platform to increase innovation and collaboration within the Cell & Gene Therapy area.

Our cutting-edge programme covers critical subjects such as progress cell gene therapy manufacturing, ATMP development, scale-up and scale-out, manufacturing data, R&D, CAR-T therapies, global regulatory affairs, stem cells, cord blood, pricing & reimbursement, improving cost efficiency, commercialization, as well how to leverage innovation to convert cutting-edge research to advance cell gene therapy manufacturing.


Presentation title: A universal cell reprogramming platform capable of transforming the development of lifesaving cell therapies

Presentation timing: Day 2 @ 11:30am

Speaker: Dr. Darrin M. Disley OBE, CEO, Mogrify

Despite major investment in the field, few cell therapies have gained regulatory approval with limited commercial success. The success of therapeutic products is defined by three factors: safety, efficacy and scalability. Achieving these for cell therapy presents new challenges; overcoming transplant rejection (and GvHD in the case of immune cells), producing and culturing functional cells and developing an off-the-shelf therapy with a scalable manufacturing process. Gene editing technologies (CRISPR, TALENs and ZFNs) are paving the way towards allogeneic safety with numerous developments towards ‘universal donor cells’. However, such progress would be almost idle without the possibility to produce and culture mature (functional) cells at scale.

Underpinned by a decade of development through an international research effort Mogrify has developed a bioinformatics approach powered by genetic, proteomic and epigenetic big data to systematically control the cellular transcriptomic network by identification of the transcription factors and/or small molecules required to culture or convert any cell type to any other cell type without going through stem cell or even progenitor cell state. Mogrify enables the development of autologous, allogeneic cell therapies as well as a new class of therapies: in vivo reprogramming. The company is developing therapies for blood, immune, inflammation, musculoskeletal indications within a business model that combines drug development and strategic partnering.


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